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Minds Are Opened Only When Hearts Are Opened

    Name : Aparajitha Nair

    Class : 9 C

    Event : All India Essay Writing Event 2013

    Category : 1 [class 9-12] (1000 words)

    Topic : "Minds are opened only when hearts are opened."

    Conducted By : Shri Ram Chandra Mission in collaboration with The United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan

    We think from our mind and feel from our heart. Having faith or feeling strongly about something opens up our mind to the realms of reality and make us think. The thinking further leads us to either accept what we believe or think what is right or wrong. The negative or positive outcome of this process depends on the degree of our faith or belief as to what our heart tells us.

    Our mind is always chatting; never stopping. It deceives us day in and day out. We never come to know about it, but it creates waves of infinite thoughts. Always questioning, always doubting and always confusing us with this or that.

    Heart at times can be impulsive, subjective or be prejudiced with our belief system and the traditional values that we carry but our mind is always skeptic, goes to the details of rights or wrongs and with its cognitive faculties try to impose or at times override what our heart says.

    Our core of heart is so engrained with our belief system that most of the times or rather every time, it is the call of inner self which doesn’t argue or is not skeptic. It does not justify about right or wrong but it is the true call of the self. Having a belief system is good as long as it not subjective or selective to cast creed or color. This selective thinking shrinks our horizons of universal love and brotherhood. If we look at the creation of God with the eye of love and detail, we will be surprised to see the fantastic ways that he has created this world for every living entity. There is food for tiny little ant and there is food and shelter for giant whales too!

    Having a preset mind about anything, which we do not know about in detail or reality, will be just half a picture; a picture that only our mind want to see. To know the reality or the truth, one must come out of the rigidity of thinking and instead think with a free, accepting, open and loving heart.

    Mind situated at the front lobe of our brain is the watchdog for every thought, every act or every feeling that comes across it and it filters against our capabilities, circumstances and if not always; it tells us negatively at least once that we can’t do it. On the opposite side if our heart, with all its purity placed at the level of the soul, once believes and have faith that it is achievable will then go ahead with it. It doesn’t know arguments, skepticism and doubts but merely believes and have 100% faith, coerce us, whispers to us and just simply executes what it gets from our inner core.

    For the mind which is in sync with an open heart, execution comes natural as then it doesn’t argue back. Heart compels mind to accept and make the command come true. For this to happen, our hearts should be opened to the love of humanity, compassion and universal love. Any prejudice or preset notions about cast, color or religion clouds our mind and clarity of thinking is lost. Once our hearts are opened, mind automatically comes in sync.

    God made us all as human beings with the same limbs and form, though we may have different skin, nationalities or come from different belief system. Nevertheless we are all from the same human race. If I would have been born in a cold country, I might have had a fairer skin than if I was born in a hot climate. But it doesn’t make me a less or super human being. When it is the same blood which is running in me which makes me a human then what is the difference of the blood of another person who may be fair, dark or brown? It is nothing. End of the day we are all humans. We all have evolved over centuries. We were all equals when our ancestors were nomadic – looking for survival, food and shelter. When we were same then, why not be united in universal love and brotherhood when we have evolved so much? This can only happen when we open our hearts to the ultimate truth that we all are equal creation of God and nobody is inferior or superior. When our minds are open; the narrow minded thinking of caste, color or creed is converted into accepting and loving everyone without prejudice. This will in turn help open up the boundaries of people, religion, language and cast and unite us as one big global nation. Humanity as whole will be united with only one religion, only one cast, only one creed and only one ultimate truth: the humanity itself. The enormous amount of energy and resources that are used to create and maintain boundaries can then be utilized for making this world a better place to live for all of us and for our future generations.

    To change the way our mind thinks, we have to change the way we feel. When we believe in universal love, peace and equality, our feelings towards other people will also change and we will start accepting them as they are. Once we accept them as they are, there are no comparisons or disqualifications. We then become equal.

    This is the change of heart which is required today. This is the need of the hour. We must change the way we feel and open our hearts which then automatically changes our thinking pattern and open our minds. Once our minds are opened with our hearts, we accept humanity as one entity and become equal. This equality brings the universal love, care and sharing. Boundaries can be wiped out and the whole world becomes one global nation. This is my generations dream and I am part of it.